Clarity in a time of crisis Webinar Series

Edition 6 Resources: Lessons from past crises

In the sixth edition of our Clarity in a Time of Crisis webinar series, we revisited past crises for critical lessons that can be applied to the COVID-19 pandemic. The September 11 terrorist attacks had a huge impact on air travel and tourism in general as did the Great Financial Crisis in 2008 and the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010. We were joined by three industry experts who navigated these events as leaders in Florida tourism’s response to these crises: Chris Thompson, President & CEO of Brand USA, DT Minich, President/CEO of Experience Kissimmee, and Ursula Boll, Senior VP of Strategic Partnerships of Miles Partnership. They shared insights on how their organizations responded, supported and communicated with their stakeholders and built support for critical recovery funding from the government during these times. What worked, what didn’t and what can we learn for managing recovery from the COVID-19 crisis?

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